8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2017

THERE’S A lot to consider in 2017 if you are running a business. Developments in technology over recent years means you have plenty of tools at your disposal if you want to develop a strong and meaningful marketing strategy over the coming 12 months.

Here are just a few things you might like to keep an eye on this year.

More AR and VR

They’ve been bubbling under the public psyche for a while now but 2017 is set to be the time when virtual and augmented reality begin to take hold. The tech’s there with our mobile phones and cheap VR headsets but, up till now, we’ve been largely lacking in viewable product.

Expect to see better quality VR apps and products on the market in the next 12 months as businesses of all sizes try to cash in on the trend and engage more deeply with their customers. Augmented Reality, accessed through your smartphone, could certainly become one of the key ways to boost product engagement giving potential customers value added extras and better information at the touch of a button.

Exploring Niche Markets

Attracting the right people online is becoming increasingly competitive. If you are just starting up a business, muscling in on your chosen demographic can be difficult. Thousands of new businesses are being created each year and they all want their bit of the marketing pie. For companies on limited marketing budgets, focusing on niche markets and taking advantage of these is going to be increasingly important over the coming years.

Uncovering Influencers

In conjunction with exploring and mining niche markets, uncovering valuable influencers is going to be another key area for marketers and businesses. These are people in your industry who can reach out to the best customers and they are an attractive way to boost brand awareness. The trouble is there is going to be a lot of competition for their attention and that means having something to offer that sets you apart from the rest of your sector.

Every Word Needs to Count

Content will still be king in 2017 but it needs to count. We are being bombarded by so much information that we now tend to scan or just read headlines before we move onto the next bit of information. Where does that leave content? Well, if you haven’t got the kind of stuff that grabs the reader’s attention, you’ll be hard pressed to make an impact. Every word needs to count, whether you’re writing a blog post, tweeting or producing a YouTube video.

Utilising Live Feeds

Facebook have been pushing them more over the last few months but marketers have yet to find the best way to utilise live feeds. We have faster connections nowadays so it’s no surprise this kind of tech is becoming more popular. If your business is running an event or promoting a new product, going live in front of customers could well be a potent tool for increasing conversions. 2017 could well be all about how to utilise this potential.

Interpreting Big Data

We’ve all heard of it and most of us know that it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses and organisations across the globe. Getting and collecting big data is one thing, interpreting the results is a whole different matter. If you’re a business hoping to make hi-tech decisions in 2017, you’ll have your choice of organisations and tools to help you decipher big data and use it to your advantage.

The Rise of Native Advertising

With standard pay per click ads losing their power, native advertising is going to become more popular in 2017. This is where your ad looks a seamless part of any content and doesn’t disrupt the user experience. This has long been a slightly vague concept for many marketers but is beginning to figure largely in the advertising campaigns for big corporations and small businesses alike.

Getting Automation Right

Finally, keeping track of all those marketing opportunities online is starting to become a problem. The temptation to move to automation, including for aspects such as customer help and service, is becoming ever greater. How your business manages this in 2017 and beyond is going to be vital to your success. Done well, automation can make your customer think they are engaging with a real person. Done badly, it can damage your brand and make you look disinterested and distant. Expect to see better automation tools coming on the market over the next couple of years which could just make your life a whole lot easier.


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