I am an International Marketing Professional with over 6 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales and Advertising.

Digital Marketing and Communications is where I can excel for your organization and in particular, I am well versed in building consumer engagement through leveraging Digital, Experiential or Traditional channels. I have a rich experience on the client side as well as the agency side of marketing and advertising and am keen to put that breadth of experience to work in North America. Three languages and their variants will help me flexibly address your international aspirations. (German, English & Hindi)

Connecting with customers is my speciality and I do this because I am passionate about what makes consumers and business make decisions to buy. Tapping into different cultures and diverse environments are things that drive me every day .

Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence , Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Video, OTT and Mobile are combining to change the world and I want to be in the middle of that huge shift in the market.

My experience comes from a world away in South East Asia and the UK but my ability to help you drive excellence in Marketing is now in Toronto.